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Maybe it's because I'm too busy... 18.07.2012
New entry for the resume! 15.06.2012
Alice Springs NT to Gympie QLD 01.06.2012
Hey, READ THIS! 12.05.2012
Melbourne to Mildura to Apollo Bay in a little over a week. 02.05.2012
Yes! We are out of Canberra! 17.04.2012
What happened to March? 16.04.2012
Heigh-ho Heigh-ho, it's a picking grapes we go. 10.03.2012
At least it isn't raining 02.03.2012
Canberra - Capital of a Nation. 29.02.2012
Yeah I know we have covered waterfalls already. 25.02.2012
Deadly Lizards, Killer Platypus and Caves 23.02.2012
Surprisingly Classy. 21.02.2012
Where to begin... 15.02.2012
Still checking out the Hunter Valley 11.02.2012
Watching Jeff get knocked over will always be funny 10.02.2012
It's only getting better! 09.02.2012
Do I have a story for you... 08.02.2012
The Adventure off the beaten track. 06.02.2012
The beginning of... 06.02.2012
Australia Day. (stra-ya day) 06.02.2012
Kids, things are going get real. 23.01.2012
Its been awhile, hasn't it? 10.01.2012
Has it been...two months already? My bad. We are not dead. 23.12.2011
Has it been a week already? 22.10.2011
Whoops...St. George to our arrival in Gympie 13.10.2011
Long hair, ticks, and he'll never feel hugs cause he's dead. 30.09.2011
Bee Eee ayy utiful St. George. 25.09.2011
Sick 18.09.2011
Yeah it's a bit sporadic, a bit therapeutic, a bit boring.. 17.09.2011
The Journey to the Tropics 11.09.2011
The Journey to the Tropics 11.09.2011
The Journey to the Tropics 11.09.2011
The Journey to the Tropics 07.09.2011
The Journey to the Tropics 07.09.2011
Friday, 26 August 2011 07.09.2011
Buying a car and then driving it. 25.08.2011
5 days... 12.08.2011