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Kids, things are going get real.

So it's almost time to take to the open road again, should probably fill in the captivated blog readers with what is up.

rain 24 °C

So here is the lowdown. Margaret is back from WA so I have moved out to Uncle Denny's and Dolphne's and Nance is staying with Kate and Paul. It's been wonderful staying out of town. Didn't realize I was a little homesick until I got out here and it's got that farm living sort of feel. The only thing that is missing is Granny across the road. I decided to quit my job earlier than planned. It's not that slicing up dead cows has lost its appeal it's that I have a limited time in Australia and I haven't even been out of Queensland yet! So come next week I will be heading South. Am looking at jobs but am going with or without one lined up. Sydney is the first destination. There is no time limit to get there so will be putting on my Man of Leisure hat and heading where ever the wind takes me.

It could easily become more interesting because the other day my friend Sam and I were heading down to Noosa to see a mate and Cory the Corolla died on me. I have never had a car die while I was driving and I haven't ever had any serious car problems before either. So yeah went to accelerate up a hill and Cory went putt-putt-stall, thankfully I did have the sense to pull off the road because that could have been bad. Cory would almost turn over but not quite. Now if you recall I'm sure I've mentioned Cory's incontinence problem so I checked the oil first and there was still some on the dipstick. Called the Nance first to see if he had any ideas. Nope. Called Adrian and Keilley and nothing concrete could be determined over the phone. That's when I called RACQ. RACQ is the Royal Automobile Club of Queensland, yeah I get the perks. So old mate gets out there and does a few tests and tells me that the ignition coil is rooted and that I need to tow it. I've never had to have a car towed and wasn't sure how to proceed but low and behold my royal membership provides free towing up to 50kms, thing is Noosa is 60 kms away. So if it's over 50 they can charge you $55 but still it'd be worth it to get the car back to where we know people. Then I call people to tell them what's up and when I talk to Keilley she puts the doubt in my head that the tow truck only picks up the car and we had to arrange our own way back. I just assumed that since I wanted to go where the car was going we could bum a ride too. So I have 15 mins to wonder before the tow guy turns up and another ute stops and the first thing tow guy asks is whether the ute is our ride and I say no was hoping we could ride along. Totally fine, Keilley had me worrying for naught. Anyways long story, long. Got the tow fo free and Cory got a tuneup from Adrian and a new distributor cap and is back on the road. Hopefully going to travel the next 7 months drama-free.

Australia day is Thursday so will be celebrating my last paid public holiday and even though it's predicted to rain it still should be fun. Will blog about it hopefully soon.

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